Getting VC Support For A Cornish Startup

I opened the topic of my next blog up for choice through Twitter, choosing a few topics that i’ve had experience with.

As this is only just the beginning of my blog I thought the fact that anyone replied was pretty amazing! Anyway, as you can see, the public have spoken and they want to know more about the experience of raising Venture Capital for a startup in Cornwall…

The idea of getting Venture Capital (VC) support often seems foreign and impossible for many companies I talk to in Cornwall. I sympathise here because I can see why this is the default stance. Getting introductions to the right people and then knowing what to do when you do meet those people can make the task seem daunting.

The good news is that it shouldn’t feel as impossible as it currently does. There are a number of companies in the area that have raised VC recently and the shift towards looking outside of London for investments is increasing.

If you’re currently sitting on the fence about whether VC funding is right for your business, and how much you should be looking to raise, this post by Paul Graham from Y Combinator is worth reading.

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