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Digital Communities in the South West of England

I get asked this a lot so I thought I would share a list of the digital communities I’m a part of, or have heard good things about. The south west is a growing region for all things digital and these groups are essential to that.

If you’re looking to build your own digital startup in the area, these groups should be for you. They can help you connect with similar businesses, potential new hires and even generate new client leads should you need it.

  • Software Cornwall – Hertzian are very proud to be a part of this leading Cornish community.
  • Kernow DAT – Supported by Software Cornwall but very much creating it’s own name in the Cornish digital scene.
  • Digital Plymouth – Partly organised by my friends at Elixel, Digital Plymouth has helped bring together software developers, marketers, copy writers & any one working in the digital space.
  • Cornwall Geeks – For your more developer-heavy topics, check out Cornwall Geeks. Full to the brim with the best developers in the local area, they host monthly meetups essential for keeping on top of all the latest industry trends.
  • Falmouth Game Makers – A revived networking group dedicated to the art of making great games. A growing network that’s always great fun to be a part of.
  • Cornwall Startup Meetup – Another growing group that reaches outside of digital but also gives you a great finger on the pulse for all things startup in Cornwall.
  • Plymouth Game Devs
  • Digital Exeter

For those in the area, if you think I’ve missed any then please comment below and I’ll make sure to add them in.