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Why Cornwall?

So it’s that time of the week again, late Sunday evening when I should really be catching 40 winks and instead I’m sitting here thinking about all of the things I need to do this week at work.

With this blog now live I thought it may help to write the initial post for the subject matter thats inspiring this blog, why setup a technology start-up in Cornwall?

When I take a look at the list of rival competitors in our space I see a who’s who of startup founders based in Silicon Valley who, after gaining millions of dollars in financing, are now attacking the same space as us and have grown teams of developers, salesmen and people with other fancy job titles. So again, why are we doing this in Cornwall?

Just to recap, the companies I’m talking about are the ones who are also building their business around the on-trend technology that is Machine Learning. Due to a combination of affordable data storage, powerful processing and a thriving open source community, tech start-ups are realising the opportunities open to them to disrupt and change the way business is done across many sectors.

We too at Hertzian realised this early on in our life (2 and a half years ago actually), and have spent the last 18 months just building the underlying technology that now powers applications across a number of industries.

That’s not the subject of this blog post though, so as we’ve been asked by a number of very educated individuals, WHY CORNWALL?

Ultimately the main reason for why Cornwall is why not! We are striving to create a world where technology such as Machine Learning can have an exciting impact on our lives but yet we’re expected to create this technology in single, metropolitan locations such as London, San Francisco or New York. Why?

There are of course a number of benefits to working out of these tech epicenter’s, access to skilled talent, ability to sell, access to finance and of course good PR coverage. But are they really worth uprooting the entire team to move or even just myself? I’m not so sure.

The truly exciting thing about building a disruptive business in a location such as Cornwall is the opportunity to build something new. If you’re meant to be building technology that the world has never seen before, why not start doing that by doing it in place that has a very limited amout of businesses like you. I feel very privileged to be working alongside a number of growing communities and hope that in the future Hertzian can become a catalyst and inspiration for other businesses and that is the main reason whilst I’m happy building the business in Cornwall.

Of course there are limitations to building a business in Cornwall and I’ll write up another post about them very soon. In the meantime if you want to follow any of my smaller ramblings on the usual social channels then click the buttons at the top of the page.